Wine and Dine

Wine and DineYou are welcomed to the FortStock Festival that is organized every year for 2 whole days at the Vance Estate in the beautiful and enchanting town of Clones situated in Monaghan County. The festival is known for its wide variety of musical performances and dances, fine dining, wine and two days of pure fun.

In the recent articles that were written and posted on this site, you will find several tips and guidelines on what to do and how to do it. For example, you will learn about the accommodation that is provided by the organizers as well as fellow residents. You will also learn about the year’s lineup and all the bands and people who are going to perform at this year’s festival.

In this article, you are going to learn and understand about fine wining and dining experience that can be had in the festival while you are here. There are plenty of dining opportunities, and as a visitor, you will get to taste some of the finest recipes and delicacies in the world.

As far as the bar scene is concerned, you will find that one of the finest bar in the world is right here in the festival called the Cocktail Bar. You will find this bar at the Funky Funky Place. If you are not satisfied with the variety and the taste that they offer, then you can also try the 2 Large Bar. This bar serves all kinds of beverages on the basis of vouchers. If you are lucky, you may also run into some promotions which will mean some more savings, however the prices at these bars are already very reasonable to make sure that the people are able to make the most out of their trip.

So go out and enjoy your day.

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