FortStock Festival at Vance Estate, Clones

Clones in Monaghan CountyYes, you are right. The world famous FortStock Festival is back at your favorite estate, Vance Estate situated at Clones in Monaghan County. FortStock is a 2 day annual festival that brings together the whole family.

Every year, FortStock Festival is organized at the Vance Estate in Clones, Morghan County. Visitors get to enjoy a whole bunch of different musical acts that caters to the wide range of audience with different tastes. The lineup includes:

  • Midget Ure
  • Mack Fleetwood
  • Kopy Kat Killers
  • Shouting at Planes
  • Brush Sheils
  • The Whereabouts
  • 20 Second Century
  • Future Phantoms
  • Finnian
  • The Vinylheads
  • Castlestreet
  • The Bouseys Moo

There are many other performers and acts waiting for you to be enjoyed. Apart from all the live musicals and acts, you will also get to enjoy a number of delicious recipes and delicacies. There are a number of food stalls that will be setup. This is to make sure that you are never watching a musical act on an empty stomach.

You can book your place in the festival by buying the tickets on the official website. The prices have been kept reasonable to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the festival with their friends and family. FortStock Festival is a great way to enjoy a weekend with the family and get some private time.

In case you are visiting the festival from nearby county or town, you can also stay at one of the many hotels and motels you can book. There are also a lot of unofficial campsites for you to choose from. These campsites are not organized by the event organizers. If you are looking for official campsites, then you are requested to the check the website.

There are also several B&Bs in the area that will offer you accommodation, so you are advised to do your due diligence.

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