Food and Drink

If you are one of the many who are visiting the FortStock Festival that will be organized in the Vance Estate in Clones, Monghan County, then you are in for a delicious and tasty surprise. There are some food and drink stalls, trolleys and even trucks that are just waiting to serve you.

Food and DrinkOne of the noted and famous attractions as far as the food scene is concerned is the Bulmer’s mobile bar truck. A magnificent truck that doubles as a bar on wheels, you will find everything that you would expect from a normal bar, and not only this, you will also find some Bulmer’s homemade cocktails and recipes here. Bulmer is famous for its clear cidar as well as their popular Beck. It is said that you must order the larger Beck as only then can you appreciate its true taste. This bar on wheels will also offer you fine wine, different types of spirits and some soft drinks for those who are under the age of 18 and are not allowed to consume alcohol.

The two day event will offer you plenty of time and opportunity to try some of the many recipes and food items that you will find at the festival’s many food stalls. The prices of these drinks have been set very reasonably to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy a good pint with their friends.

It is advised to all the patrons to drink wisely and responsibly. Do not go overboard and drink beyond your limits. This can spell disaster for not only yourself, but also for others. So refrain from drinking too much and creating ruckus. Drink responsibly and enjoy the show.

All young adults under the age of 18 will be fitted with a particular color of wrist band to make sure that they do not and cannot indulge in alcohol and spirits. This is for their own safety.

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